Teambuilding at the Posavje region’s countryside


Looking for new, different, imaginative ideas for teambuilding experiences with your colleagues?Why wouldn’t you this time give in to the magic of Posavje region’s countryside? The combination of Posavje region’s culinary, vineyards and farm tasks will be something completely new.

Teambuilding in the Posavjeregion countryside starts at the Dolinšek farm. On the famous hayrack, toplar, the Dolinšek family keeps a collection of farm tools and household utensils of the Posavje region’s region. We will also get to know one of the local traditional village tasks here –“kavsanje”.A wicked name for pure and a decent farm task, catching and harvesting floating wood on the Sava River.The master will show us the course of kavsanje and talk about the importance of this task for our Posavje region’s ancestors. Next we will have fun playing the farm games that the locals used to play in their free time.At the end of the visit, Dolinšek farm will serve a home-made Posavje region’s snack.

Posavje region’s teambuilding socializing will continue with a lunch at the KmečkiturizemMočivnik.In the heart of the Posavjeregion’s hills, we will enjoy the idyllic natural scenery, and above all the exquisite home-made Posavje region’s cuisine and selected wine.They will prepare for us a real peasant feast, which will make us even more excited towards new experiences.

After lunch we will go to Lisca. At 948 meters above sea level, a relaxing stroll in the fresh air opens a wonderful view of the entire Posavje region.

Up next we will a visit theMastnak Wine Cellar, which has been writing its story for several decades.It is in an attractive wine-growing position with a long-standing wine tradition. Oenologist Zdravko Mastnak will take us to a modern wine cellar which amazes every visitor with its surface and capacity of wine bottles.After the presentation of the Mastnak Wine Cellar, we will taste their top sparkling wines and quiet wines, and we will also refresh with a dried meat cold cut.

Evening hours of teambuilding in the Posavjeregion countryside will be spent at the Tourist farm Grobelnik.We will have dinner, teambuilding in their wine cellar, and after that we will rest. We will start the morning, just like the rural people do – with a full Posavje region’s breakfast;and spent the morning hours with fun teambuilding in the vineyard.

We will end our two-day gathering on the slopes of the small hills of Malkoviškegorice at Celestina Tourist Farm.Surrounded by vineyards and forests, the farm is in an excellent location.They will serve us with a home-made lunch, they will take us to a guided tour of their wine cellar.Of course, we will also try some of their excellent Posavje region’s wines.

Package Details

Day 1

  • Sightseeing of the Dolinšek farm with a hayrack and a collection of farm implements, a display of drizzle (catching floating wood on the Sava River), with farm games and a snack.
  • Rural lunch at Rural Tourism Močivnik.
  • Stop at Lisca.
  • Tasting with a snack at Mastnak Wine Cellar.
  • Dinner, teambuilding in the wine cellar and overnight at Grobelnik Tourist Farm.

Day 2

  • Teambuilding in the vineyard of Grobelnik farm.
  • Lunch at the Dolinšek Inn.
  • Tasting and guided tour of the cellar at the Celestina Tourist Farm.

The price includes:

  • a tour of the Dolinšek farm with farm games,
  • lunch on farm tourism,
  • stop at Lisca,
  • tour of Mastnak Wine Cellar and tasting,
  • half board on the tourist farm Grobelnik,
  • 2x teambuilding,
  • lunch at the Dolinšek Inn,
  • tasting and touring the cellar of the Celestina Tourist Farm,
  • leadership and organization.


  • tourist tax (1.5 € / person / day)

The program is intended for groups of up to 35 people, by appointment.

Program price: 230 € per person.