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Just for girls


Are you tired? Do you have enough of everything? You don’t know when was the last time you saw your girlfriends? Reset holidays in Posavje is the right answer for you. We promise that we will spoil you and your friends to the gills.

We start at Spa & Wellness Hotel Paradiso **** superior in Posavje region, more precisely in Dobova. Amazing rooms, thermal water park, massage pools, jacuzzi, clean thermal water without additives… And then dinner at the Paradiso restaurant.

At breakfast you can catch up on all the missed chitchat with your girlfriends, and during that you can get your pores open and you can spoil yourself with various types of saunas. Then you can chat with them while you enjoy the tasting menu in the Tri Lučke (three lights) restaurant.With its views, it offers a perfect backdrop for one of many new shared photos, which will be an unforgettable memory of your adventures in Posavje, and it will also ensure a little bit of envy on social networks. We suggest the hashtag #UnforgettablePosavjeWithMyBestFriends

This is followed by discovering the mysteries of Rajhenburg Castle.You will walk through the corridors of the castle and relieve the Trappists who lived and worked in Brestanica.Sweet as a woman will be the workshop for making chocolate products prepared for you byHišatrt, vina in čokoladeKunej. You’ll be able to try chocolate wine, and the chocolate Chocolat Imperial – magical! Perfect timing to continue with the very special tasting of top-quality wines by Vina Kozinc.

As a cherry on the top of the cake of an unforgettable day in Posavje, a dinner is held in the renowned Repovžbar.

Spa & Wellness Paradiso will take care of the rest and morning swimming and lunch at the pool, as well as pampering in the wellness center.

As reincarnated, you and your friends will go to the final voyage along Posavje, which will begin with a visit to one of the Posavje region’s most famoussights, repnice.Repnice Vina Graben will not only offer predicate wines, but also the delicacies that go well with them.

A weekend in Posavjeregion will get new dimensions by visiting Stara Vas in Bizeljsko, home to the world famous Istenič wine.Sparkling wines and still wines will be a great introduction to the grand culinary finale of OšterijaDebeluh in Brežice.In the tasting menu, according to the choice of the chef, and his current inspiration, the simple and pure tastes of fresh seasonal ingredients from the local environment, full of love, are entwined.

How to continue, it’s in your hands. You can go home or go back to the thermal pools at Spa & Wellness Paradiso.Or you can simply extend your girl’s weekend and stay in Posavje region. Welcome.

The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund.