Get your energy back in Posavje region


Leave behind the fast pace of life, full of stress, and running around for everyday commitments. Indulge yourself with the energy of the authentic tastes of Posavje region – the energy of excellent home-made food, prepared from local ingredients, the energy of top-quality Posavje region’s wines, the energy of the local forests and water. Find the way to your wellbeing in Posavje region. Welcome!

Start your recharging inPosavje region with an early afternoon wellness lunch at the GostiščeJež at Jagnjenica.Intimate homeliness and premium dishes from ingredients of local origin.A young, ambitious chef will prepare an exciting culinary adventure that you will never forget.

Under the guidance of a top-level nature interpreter, you will then delve into the forest and its beneficial healing energy.You will be left in the sensual observation of the forest – its animal, plant and energy soul.With forestry pedagogy, which is a recipe for the healthy, calm and optimal development of all of us, you will explore the nature and recognize your own feelings in the richest learning environment. With rustling of treetops and birds singing, you will find yourself concentrated in the forest yoga and meditation. Awareness in the forest environment will enrich you with complete mental disconnection and full awareness of the moment.

You will spend your evening in Venice of Lower Carniola (OR YOU CAN WRITE VENICE OF DOLENJSKA).Elegant dinner in KostanjevicanaKrki, after which you can take a relaxing walk.You will quickly find out that KostanjevicanaKrki is a place of artists, beautiful architecture and a peaceful atmosphere.You will be able to relax in Villa Castanea, where the luxury of the past days boasts modern comfort.

You can also enjoy breakfast on the boat. With a skilled navigator, you will go on boating trip on the Krka River.You will sail under picturesque wooden bridges and experience KostanjevicanaKrki from the river level.

Not far away, on the outskirts of KostanjevicanaKrki, there is GostilnaŽolnir. It was named after the Jurčič’s story called Kloštrskižolnir. In it, a forestry engineer falls in love with a girl from Kostanjevica named Katrica. However, since the pronunciation of the word engineer was quite demanding for the locals, they started to call him a žolnir, andbecause he lived in a monastery (klošter), the name becamekloštrskižolnir.This man was supposed to be Josef Ressel, the inventor of a ship’s screw, who also tested his invention in these Posavje region’s towns.In the guesthouseŽolnirthey will happily share some of the stories of the heroes of the KloštrskiŽolnir, and with even greater joy and pride they will put a plate of home-made food in front of you, which in appearance and taste reflects the richness of the Posavje region’s culinary tradition.

After an excellent lunch, you will venture into the unusual exploration of the old town of Krško. In an adventurous way you will discover a rich array of architectural, historical and cultural heritage of the renovated city center.This will offer a complete Posavje region’s experience through the game and sensual points.City Museum of Krško, the Krško Gallery, the House of Mencinger, the Valvasor Library, the Capuchin monastery and Hočevar mausoleum are just some of the sights of the Old Krško core, which you will see in a completely different light.

You will spend the afternoon hours in the sunny Posavje region’s hills where you can experience beautiful vines of VinarstvoKerin (Kerin Winery).You will also feel the part of this positive energy that comes from love and respect to earth. On the VinarstvoKerin (Kerin Winery) estate, your senses will be pampered by eco-friendly apple juice, various wines and unique white blue Frankish. Cooking sausages on open flames will be a very special experience.

Package Details

Day 1

  • Early afternoon wellness lunch at Jež Inn on Jagnjenica.
  • Dive into the forest and its energy.
  • Dinner and overnight stay at Villa Castanei in Kostanjevica na Krki.
  • The possibility of an evening stroll through the only Slovenian river island.

Day 2

  • Boating on the Krka River.
  • Lunch at the Žolnir Inn.
  • Energy Hunting – A two-hour adventure exploring the old town of Krško.
  • A visit to the Kerin Farm, where everything glows – a story of love for the land, family connection, the energy of wine, nature and the forest.

The price includes:

  • wellness lunch,
  • a dive into the forest,
  • dinner and overnight,
  • boating on the river Krka,
  • lunch at the Žolnir Inn,
  • exploring the geolocation route,
  • a visit to the Kerin farm.


  • tourist tax (1,5 € / person / day),
  • rent a van (150 € for two days),
  • driver / guide (350 €).

The program is intended for families, couples, small groups of up to 8 people, by appointment.

Cost of the program: € 498 per family of four.