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Culinary ride of Posavje region


Are you hungry? Never in Posavje region!

We will start in Radeče. A small town far from the sea takes pride in its harbour. You will not find ships here, but a raft of Radeče (radeškisplav) is on the river level. At the raftingpier you will be greeted by a real rafting welcome, and you will be served with a heavenly slice with overheated cream, which melts in the mouth. During the voyage, you will learn about the rafter traditions and fun customs, the rafting team will also take care of your hunger with rafting goulash, which is always eaten with the bread to the last bit, they will also offer you blue Frankish, a local wine queen.

The culinary path leads to Sevnica Castle.The visit of baroque rooms and various collections of this Posavje region’s medieval gem is comparable only to “sevniškasalamijada”.In the castle Gallery of wines of the Posavjeregion’s, you will then be offered a tasting of salami of Sevnica, cheese and homemade bread accompanied with cviček or blue Frankish.

At the foot of the hill, from which the Rajhenburg castle lies above the valley, standsGostilnaPečnik. They will prepare a true Posavje region’s lunch, a lunch of authentic Posavje region’s flavours. Overheated cream, pig and Raka’s onion are just a few of the ingredients of Posavje region, which with the help of the right hands, create a real culinary delight with the three different types of wines accompaniment, from blue Frankish, sparkling wine, to the very special lady, a white Frankish.

For the cherry on top, the House of Vineyards, wine and chocolate Kunej (Hišatrt, vina in čokoladeKunej), will take care for, where you will try a house speciality, ChocolatImpérial, a chocolate wine based on dark red wine from a unique variety selection. Once in a lifetime experience.

You will finish the day at Terme Čatež, where you will be able to gather new strengths in the pool complex and enjoy dinner and quality rest in a pleasant ambience.After breakfast you will be welcomed in the Brežice Castle, where you can visit the Posavje Museum of Brežice.Special attention will be paid to the red thread of your visit to Posavje, cuisine.The black and white wealth of the Krško polje will be in front of you in a slightly different form, you will make and try chocolate cookies in the shape of a pig called krškopoljec.

On the plate, the black and white richness of authentic flavors will sway in the renownedGostilna Kunst. The pork (the pig breed is called krškopoljec) will be prepared for you in a thousand and one way, from a soup to the peak, a dessert – a chocolate hat with the fat from krškopoljec and pumpkin ice cream.

After a great lunch, you will go on a walk through the BožidarJakac gallery and visit the Cviček cellar, where you will taste the best cviček of local winemakers, and you will be served a local culinary speciality called “cop na lop” at the end of your culinary ride of Posavje region. The best local ingredients and genuine taste of Posavje will not leave you indifferent and even before you leave us, you will certainly be thinking about returning to the region of unforgettable culinary experiences.

The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund.