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  • Apartment on Krka

    In the magical ancient town of KostanjevicanaKrki, you will find apartments Na Krki, which, despite their modernity, preserve the authentic Kostanjevica character of homeliness.

  • Apartment VinskaTrta

    Surrounded by diverse and lively nature, historic castles, rivers, lakes and beautiful thermal springs, the Apartment VinskaTrta expects you.

  • Apartments Life Energy

    In the center of the village ČatežobSavi you can find special energized rooms that provide for the renewal of your mental and physical strength.

  • Apartment house Sumrak

    In the heart of the Bizeljsko wine-growing hills, in a quiet location, far from the city’s hustle and bustle, you will have a perfect break in the apartment house Sumrak.

  • Baron’s vineyard cottage

    In the embrace of the wine-growing hills in Radeče, Baron’s vineyard cottage is waiting for you, perfect for a break from the strenuous pace of life.

  • Hostel Kozmus

    Would you spend the night at the Olympic champion’s hostel?

  • Hotel ČateškiDvorec

    Hotel ČateškiDvorec is a small hotel full of familiarity and good mood.

  • Pension Merkež

    In the beautiful surroundings of Brezovica in Bizeljsko stands the Merkež pension, which is built on the site of an old farmhouse and preserves its image in an outward appearance.

  • Parking for motorhomes Brežice

    In Brežice, all those who are exploring Posavje with a motorhome, are welcomed by the Parking for motorhomes (PZA).

  • Accommodation Daka

    If during a visit to Posavje you need a rest or you decide to stay a day longer, then Daka accommodation is the right address.

  • Fishing Home, Fishing Family Radeče

    Fishermen or those who want to spend the night at the Fishing Home of the Fishing Family of Radeče.

  • Trimček, hostel and snack bar

    Hostel Trimček is located in a beautiful, quiet place in the middle of the lower Posavje plain, right next to the Sava River.

The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund.