A touch of Posavje region’s countryside


Enter the world of old villages and discover the picturesque landscape of soft hills, amazing orchards and vineyards, and colourful plains of Posavje region. Everything is wrapped in peace and comfort. Stories of old days, stories from youth. The diversity of our countryside is reflected in richness of Posavje region’s dishes, which are full of local seasonal crops, seasoned with local hospitality.

We begin the exploration of Posavje region in ZalokepriRaki. A small family company Pottery and Ceramics Kržan continues the tradition of making pottery products.The hosts will present us the crafts and products from bowls, ceramic pitchers, angel cake baking trays, baking trays, different kinds of jugs, chandeliers to different types of furnaces.They will show us the process of making a clay object with a pottery spindle and, if desired, we will also try to do this ourselves.

In the nearby GostilnaTratnik, we will enjoy the local traditional lunch with onion from Raka, called raškač’bulnamalica. The old kind of onions, produced manually and in a traditional way, is excellent in preparing local dishes. In the past they used it not only in cooking, but also in folk medicine and even cosmetics.

It will be followed by a study of the vineyard heritage of the place under the leadership of the Raka Vineyard Society.Cvičkovhram imitates the shape of a vineyard cottage from 18thcentuary. Here we find a small house called izba with a furnace, a small room called kamra with a bed, as well as a unique ethnological collection, full of the old wine cellar tools. In the basement of Cvičkovhram we will be served a home-made snack with a mandatory wine called Cviček.

There will be a guided tour of Ajdovska cave. Ajdovska cave is also one of the oldest archaeological sites in Slovenia.It has been serving thousands of years old stories about the beginnings of local human settlement and beliefs in the power of nature, afterlife and creatures from tales.Ajdovska cave is also known for its beneficial healing energies, which are not only perceived by visitors, but also by occasional cave inhabitants – bats.Thanks to them, Ajdovskacave is recognized as a natural monument.

In the VinskakletŽaren, on this old farm, the third generation of the family is dedicating their life exclusively to viticulture and wine production.The 90,000 vines of their vineyard promise an excellent wine tasting with a snack.

After such a full day, it will be perfect to relax in the thermal pools of Terra Paradiso and you can expect new adventures after a peaceful night and a breakfast.

We will visit a tourist farm PriMartinovih and experience all the attention and homeliness of the Posavje region’s countryside.In the nearly 300 years old homestead, we will try baking the bread under the watchful eyes of a housewife.We will feel the pulse of life, as it used to be, even with the donkey riding. After a pleasant afternoon, we will treat ourselves to a realPosavje region’s lunch at theGostilnaŠempeter.Among other things, they will also prepare the Posavje region’s culinary specialties – meat of the Krškopoljski pig and kopun. With carefully selected wines we will thus experience the true harmony of Posavje region’sflavors.

We will complete the walk along the Posavjeregion by visiting the Hudina farm.We will look at their orchards and try home-made viljamovka (pear spirit), walnut spirit and natural apple juice.

Package Details

Day 1

  • Visit to Pottery and Ceramics in Kržan.
  • Raska bulb lunch at Tratnik Inn.
  • Sightseeing of the Cviček Temple with ethnological collection and tasting.
  • Sightseeing of the Ajdovska jama cave (possibility of sightseeing until 15 October to 15 April)
  • Sightseeing of the Vineyards and winery and late lunch.
  • Accommodation in Paradiso Terme.

Day 2

  • Visit the tourist farm Pri Martinovih with a workshop for baking bread and riding donkeys.
  • Lunch at the Sempeter Inn.
  • Sightseeing of plantations and tasting of William, walnut and apple juice at Hudina Farm.

The price includes:

  • accommodation in Paradiso Terme (1x bed and breakfast in double room), pampering in the sauna, swimming in the thermal pools all day – also on departure day, unlimited access to the fitness center,
  • visiting pottery,
  • Rush bulb snack,
  • a visit to the Cviček Temple with tasting,
  • a visit to the Ijdovska jama cave,
  • a tour of the Grilled Wine Bar with tasting and lunch,
  • a visit to the Pri Martinov farm with a bakery workshop and a donkey ride,
  • lunch at the Šempeter Inn,
  • a tour of the Hudina farm with tasting,
  • leadership and organization.


  • tourist tax (2,5 € / person / night).

The program is intended for closed groups, upon prior notice.

Program price: 189 € per person.