On the Sava River and its power plant reservoirs, there are some of the best routes for sport fishing in Europe and around the world. Treat yourself to relaxation on the beaches of the rivers of Posavje, kayaking, canoeing or SUPing on the Krka River running along the slopes of the Gorjanci Hills. Experience a raft ride in Radeče, where they have maintained five hundred years of rafting tradition, any you will certainly remember the infectious joyousness of the rafters and the tasty food.

During summer months, the green surroundings of Brežice, especially the beautiful banks of the rivers Krka, Sava and Sotla, are very lovely. Canoeing, wakeboarding and stand up paddling on the the Krka River belong to the most popular activities during the summer heat, but you can also simply relax or take a swim.

An abundance of fun will also await you at the renowned thermal complex of the municipality. You can visit the biggest Slovenian spa resort Terme Čatež, or else choose the youngest thermal spa in Slovenia – Terme Paradiso in Dobova, which is only 4 kilometres away from Brežice. No matter where the road takes you, rest assured that a great atmosphere is guaranteed!

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